Wagyu from the Heart of Texas

100% grass-fed beef from floresville, TX

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What Makes Schmidt Wagyu Different?

Our Purebred Wagyu cattle are grass-fed, grass-finished on our very own Bermuda grass fields and seasonal grasses for grazing. These fields are also cut for hay to feed during the winter. All our hay is stored in barns to ensure freshness throughout the year. We do this ourselves to ensure quality from start to finish. Raising Wagyu cattle is a long term investment – an investment of love.

Our Wagyu cattle are very docile, and handled often to ensure a calm, consistent environment. This low-stress environment not only makes for delicious meat, but it provides a safe working environment for the handler.

Our cattle finish at 30 to 34 months old ensuring a flavorful, nutrient packed, marbled, quality product. Our beef is USDA processed locally ensuring you receive the highest quality product.

What happens when a chemist and an engineer decide they want more from life than test tubes and design schematics?

We decided to use our engineering skills to move beyond instrumentation and AutoCad, which led us to Wagyu.

Schmidt Wagyu was born out of our love for cattle, generations of farming and raising cattle, and desire to live beyond the hustle and bustle of daily work life.

We are putting our college degrees to work for the betterment of your tastebuds by carefully raising our Wagyu to provide a premium-quality grass fed product.

Schmidt Wagyu is proudly owned and operated by Mark and Morgan Schmidt.

Where are we?

Born and raised in Texas, located 40 minutes southeast of San Antonio in Floresville, TX.

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Beef Box

~25 lbs.

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1/8 Beef

~50 lbs.

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1/4 Beef

~100 lbs.

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1/2 Beef

~200 lbs.

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Whole Beef

~400 lbs.

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